About Us

Brazen Comics Festival is the brainchild of the Queens of Kings, a Sydney-based comic book reading group for women, non-binary, and gender-diverse comic fans. The group meets once a month to discuss comics (and many other things!).

Queens of Kings is more than just a reading group. It’s a safe space for us to come and chat about what we love. Out of that group we’ve formed life-long friendships and our own supportive community. Now, we want to share that community further afield.

Brazen Comics Festival is a one day comics festival. The festival will amplify, highlight, and celebrate the voices of women, non-binary, and gender diverse people in comics, and foster a connected, welcoming, and supportive community of comic fans and creators in Australia. Brazen Comics Festival is accessible and welcoming to all.

Questions? Want to get involved? Contact us directly

Brazen Comics Festival is volunteer-run and not-for-profit.
ABN: 49167497466